Guys I need help with the checker ending game?

Guys I need help with the checker ending game?
I put two checkers then I put the end game device then I wired them like this…

Then I put it like this…

And then when I start the game and come here it still doesn’t end?
What do I do guys?

hello there so are you having problems?

yea @WhiteGod its not ending game even tho i did this?

If yes be sure to get help from @Foxy @WolfTechnology @THEHACKER120 they’re good.

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i hope i know them too i would want them to help me if they come

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ok thanks for letting the community know.

do you have something that makes the flag visible? @GIMKIT.CREATIVE ?

i could do that am i supposed to or should i not do that

well your game ends When that is made visible, but if it is not made visible then the game will not end right?

yea its visable in game

I’ll check with them if they can help.

so at the beginning of the game the flag is visible? you need to make it visible after the player reaches the end. Explain this game to me please

so this game is like this…
When you start you fight sentrys then you try to find a hatch to escape the snowy kingdom then you get teleported to the end where it was supposed to end the game

What makes the prop visible?

Is the prop visible at game start?

Or hidden?

yea i made it so it is

Ahh then you should connect the teleporter to the end game: (player teleported here — End Game)

the wires that you used are not right.

So make it hidden at game stat then make it so that when you get teleported it becomes visible.