Gun game problems need help

He may tamper with your server be careful.

i will thanks for you concern ill message you if he does anything

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so far hes been doing good

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just be cautious. I know the feeling of having one’s map ruined by others and good luck on your map!

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ill be cautious, and thanks

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i will let u know if anything happens

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why would i need a tag zone for a gun game map?

me i am helping him with the map

hey is anybody there? im back

hi i am still here what up

will you send me that link so i can invite u again?

ok but make a acc so i know

I can’t edit anything Texas

Don’t talk about the game here. Talk about it somewhere else.

ok i will not talk about the game

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sorry i enabled it ive just been busy didnt think about it

You can talk about how to make the device systems though. Actually, just talk about the game here, but try to keep as much conversation in the text devices.

got it, my bad wont talk about any thing else

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ill be back a about 9 maybe 10 am tomorrow