Gun game problems need help

continuing a diff. topic.

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If you’re continuing from a different topic, linking that other topic would be pretty helpful.

i dont really know how.

Just place the link from the other topic and paste it here in your topic. Then it will link here.

that may be off topic in many ways and why are you doing that if not exactly needed?

Hey i know how to scope. make a game overlay and make it a button, and link it to camara veiw so that it zooms in

hey gimkit suggestor, i can email you the gimkit c o d e ? ill get it set up right after i get back from the library. just give me ur email and ill send you it

and blake the god that seems awesome

thanks bro for the compliment but i dont know if the will work i never tried it

this so i can help bbb

The frustrating thing about the camera view is that you can’t link it to anything.

wait really o than that scope won’t work

will somebody help me tho w my map? just give ur email and ill send u the code

here send on this link

@jordan why do you keep on spamming your padlet?

to help people why you need it

i sent u the c o d e