Guide To Prodigy GKC Thumbnail Artists

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This doesn’t have anything to do with GKC -_-
Since you’re new I won;t flag but PLEASE read the FAQ/TOS!


Sorry to say this, but posts have to be about GKC. Great info though, but you might have to mark a solution.


this has nothing to do with GKC, please mark a solution to this. Btw welcome to the community!


I agree with those other posts.
and I have a lot more, and better art that that :wink:
but I wouldn’t post it here,
cuz it’s considered advertising!

(and whaaa? I have a fanbase?? ;-; I don’t know how I feel about that…)

and a warm welcome to you! please mark a solution,
as this does not have anything to do with gkc!


yeah a fan base is pretty weird ngl.


I have so many fans so i’m kinda awesome :sunglasses:

Yay! My game’s thumbnail’s in this. :smile:

This is off-topic, though, so you gotta delete it. Sorry! :smile_cat:

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I wish I had a fan base. LOL :rofl: [1]

  1. Yes, the infamous rofl emoji returns. Just for 1 last appearance. ↩︎

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to make this.


Don’t worry. stuff happens. :+1:

hey atleast people will know who to find for thumbnail LOL

don’t summon them let them come to u

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I’m honored to be here :saluting_face:

also being called a prodigy in the making is overwhelming

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