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Hello everyone! On Gim kit I’ve been noticing a lot of helps with library designs and what props should you add well this is a perfect guide to learn about just follow the instructions written here with what to add, put, and do.


As you may know gimkit has designs for things etc., The designs may include such as props as you can change the colors of them. Layers to can be used as designs to make a library.

Getting Started

To want to make a library on GKC you would first have to make layers, the layers can be any type (relating to library floor) like the image above. Also, in your Gimkit library you can also choose to have props such as bookshelves, and seats.
To begin, find a background layer. Something you can use in the background. If it is 3d and related to library, you can use remove the background of the background, so you can have a separate foreground for layering it like a library in real life.

Creating a Logo

In case you’re publishing a library game there need to be some tips for the logo of your game, it’s best to use Corporation like paint 3D, as they have tones of customizability. Tweak them until it suits you and design anyway you want as a library thumbnail.

Props for Library

Adding props in your own special library can be a great way to express it to a real library. When you add props, it makes your library look more designed.

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Afterwards finishing your library map you can choose to maybe add other special effects such as props, a background layer that fits you or that is comfortable or suits you most. Thanks for reading this guide I wrote for how to make a Library it took twenty-four minutes only.

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I suggest adding more details
and I’m removing forum-beginners

Nice guide, I would suggest you make more stuff in it


– A check out desk with a button hidden under it that grants a property (books) and you must return them at a certain time

– A computer Area (the modern world is awesome (parts of it at least))

– Leave a few book props next to an Empty shelf prop, but if you press a button under the book then the book disappears and the shelf turns into a full shelf

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I like your topic but there is more stuff to add to a library, right? You could probably add secret study rooms and stuff, maybe?