Guide to #Art Tips


guys one thing FORUM PSA aren’t allowed UNLESS you request the mods to make a forum psa did the topic owner request mod permission to make one?

that the only time you can make a forum psa other stuff like off topic is a big NO if asked by mods

you need approval before you can even think about adding psa tag

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Stop replying to this topic. You guys are just arguing for absoluty no reason. Especially, Karl and King K. Rool. Just let this close like bro :neutral_face:

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i will message jeff on this. Its not what the tag is for.

that makes sense that you have to ask the mods

What do you mean? Jeff has not specified anything on the Art category. You’re just confusing everybody here.

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Okay, @WolfTechnology. Can you get this post legalized for me?

I feel like it can do some good if it’s not flagged, but the mods never reply to me.

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a guide is for Community Made Guides, and a little clarity would be nice. No one on here can take any thing simply/

I can try

This was originally in Community Made Guides, but it was flagged.

ok so this is getting confusing

okay do we need to like ask the mods what we are allowed to do or post in art guides or not allowed to do to cover up some confusion? because this arguement won’t help and we still new to this categories.

I mean look at gimkit awards they said what u can only do in that to solve confusion

Okay, thanks, @WolfTechnology! :smiley:

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you fight everyone you see, you argue on things that don’t need to be arugued about, and you are doing things that you shouldn’t. So please stop.


at this point flag it to stop arguing the point of the forums is to help build maps so we can have fun and make mistakes better

Just flag and move on. It’s unnecessary to have an argument.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

This topic was automatically opened after 28 hours.

@WolfTechnology, were you able to message the mods to reopen this? :smile: