Guide for using one questioner for different actions?

There must be a way to have one questioner work for multiple actions in the game, and I think it’s using blocks and channels, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

For example, if I want students to answer questions for light shards, and also answer questions to unlock doors. At the moment I’m having to put in multiple questioners (one for each action).

How are you having the students unlock the doors?

For granting light shards, you can wire a questioner to an item granter that grants light shards.

if you want the different actions to show different kits, then you’ll have to use multiple questioners, as you can only put one kit in each. also, although you could wire multiple things to the questioner to open its question answering screen, to grant an item when you get a question right, you need wires out of the questioner, so it would probably be possible to do it with a lot of properties, but i would say just use two questioners.

in a nutshell, if both actions require the questioner to have wires coming out of them, you’ll have to use two.

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The door is making a laser disappear at a 1/5 chance if the question is answered correctly. I know how to do that part using blocks though.

Make a variable that is set to a random number 1 through 5. Make it broadcast on the channel: “Open “ + [variable name]. The laser should turn off on “Open 1”.

Wire the questioner to an item granter, select “Question answered correctly”, and “Grant item”. In the item granter, set it to grant light shards.

Within the questioner, go to block code. When creating the block code area, select “Run block code when question answered correctly”.

Then, make the 1/5 chance code, and have it broadcast on a channel when it passes.

Finally, in the laser, make it deactivate when receiving on the channel you broadcasted on.

Also, if you want to make it so each player must unlock the door for themselves, make sure to set the laser’s scope to player!

i think @SpacePirate knew they could do that.

doing that will grant light shards even when you’re opening the gate.

i think this is what they do not want.

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You could put in an intermediary step. Check if the player is in X zone, then if true, transmit to the 1/5 chance thing, and if false, transmit to the item granter.

The setup would be:

Zone → Item granter (Player enters zone, grant item).
Zone → Different Item Granter (Player leaves zone, grant -1 item).

Questioner → checker (Question answered correctly, Check if item =1)

Checker (If true): transmit to trigger, and run block code.
Checker (if false): transmit to light shard item granter.

Yes, you understand what I’m trying to say, but maybe someone has a solution, so I just want to give it a bit.

Let me re-explain for everyone.
I already have a working laser that randomly turns off, using a trigger and blocks. It’s linked to one questioner.

I have another questioner that’s linked to granting light shards for correct answers.

I want to add more actions that require questioners, and for simplicity, I don’t want to have to edit 5 questioners for every topic. So I’d like to see if there’s a way to have one questioner instead.

Something like “If students answer questions correctly for light shards, they get light shards. If students answer questions correctly for the random door, remove laser.”

Kind of like running multiple channels through one questioner. You say it’s not possible, which is fine, but let me give it a bit longer to see if it is. I’ll come back later to mark it.

@SpacePirate, would this work?

I’m teaching right now, but it looks like it’s possible. I’ll check it out later on. I promise I’ll mark it if it does. :slight_smile:

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A bit complicated, but I think it’s going to work. Thanks!

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No problem! I’m just here to help when I have time!

I chose energy. Is there a way to keep it from popping up when they enter the zone? I’d just prefer that cosmetically.

I think you can use an item inventory manager to stop notifications for granting an item. I’m not completely sure about that however, since this isn’t my area of expertise, and I can’t check since I have classwork to do.

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Yes! This works. Thanks!

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