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Get a empty barrel with only the rings on top + bottom, scale it up, change the tint fully red, then get a shield with white and red , kinda square pattern almost but still circle, put it so it does not no clip, then add some glass cups tinted red scattered around. To make it work, make a vending machine with your choice of items to buy, I did 2,500 gold seed aka “essence” and i just did a water bottle because, soda i guess, link it to a health / shield granter, have health set to 150 automatically, then when buying jug make sure shield is on but at 0% and max shield is 100 when game starts, but instead of health do it for shield, so yea, very pro.

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pictures are powerful! you should add more pictures


I cant take screenshots on cromebook, well, i just cant figure out how to unfortunatley im at school right now, but i just like gimkit so much that i make silly little things for no reason, anyways i think i have a math test next period after breakfast lol

found out how, adding screenshots rigth away

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