Gtho game I making

is it possible to make a door open if a certain amount of players are within a certain spot for a certain amount of time. if so, how?

this probably has to do with the zone device

the only thing i could think of is this…

place a zone and add a trigger
wire the trigger to the zone and press (player enters zone) → (trigger)
then add a barrier and connect the trigger to the barrier and press
(trigger activated) → (deactivate barrier)
thats all i could come up with


Start a count for how many people are in a zone, use a counter + wires. If counter reaches x, broadcast on y and open door.

You have 2 wires leading from the zone to the counter. When player enters zone, add to the counter, when player leaves zone, subtract from the counter.

i was about to say if any one could add to this pls do

I don’t think I fully understand it but I’ll try I’ll message again if I’m confused thanks for your help