Greek Mythology Map making


Hes not, hes part of the norse mythology

ngl, Hades looks more like a mech than a god.


thank you for reminding me

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I’m not really sure Thor is Greek or not because then Loki should be Greek.

Thor is not Greek, neither is Loki

Thx so much guys
these comments are amazing, i wasn’t expecting to get a lot of help on my first post
this really helps :grin: :melting_face:

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I do not know.

yeah thor isnt greek and loki isnt either the greek gods im focusing on are
and hephestus

Technically Hestia gave up her throne to Dionysus

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You can use the pillars in the PROPS section to make the temples.
You can also use barrier art to modify the sentrys to be the greek gods

you’re making a greek mythology map? thats awesome, i love greek mythology.
anyway, i suggest that each greek god sentry should be given their own weapon that corresponds to their character.
for instance, Zeus could be given a blaster.
additionally, you could give each god sentry their own unique ability. for instance, if you create Medusa, you could create a zone next to her and wire it to a speed modifier, which will make the player slow down. this will simulate being turned to stone when they enter the zone

yes yes i have done this it turned out very beautiful

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great ideas i will add this

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