Great Wall of China in gimkit

I will say that this guide is very vague and doesn’t exactly match the title and topic. :neutral_face: Butttt, that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked and awesome! :grinning: First, try to change the entire post to match the title by actually showing how to make the Great Wall of China in Gimkit or you could change the title to match your text like… “Great features to add your Great Wall of China!” Then, I would do something about the vagueness… try to make it more specific and more step by step on how to build the wall or how to add the features you talk about. (If this guide is just meant for ideas for somebody’s already existing Wall of China, then you might want to link a guide or something on how to add those things if you don’t know)


(Not all pictures are included)

Your decision to bump this post after 2 whole months confirms my belief that this guide is merely just to show off a map, rather than being a useful guide.
The inherent purpose of a guide is to instruct others how to make a product, and it is usually developed if that product needs to be created multiple times by different people.
In the context of Gimkit, guides are usually made for understanding coding mechanics or designing custom props made out of many objects.

Let me ask you this question:
How and when is the average Gimkit Creative user going to use this guide?


thats the question for all art guides, but everyone’s defence is: “well, someone might find it useful and im gonna use it

first of all: if you’re not sure that either

a): someone is going to use it


b): this is a great mechanic/thing that can implemented into almost every game

dont post the guide.

first of all, no one here has said “i have implemented this into my map” or even implied that, and the great wall of china is a very specific thing, second, this doesnt fit into many, many, MANY, games. i cant think of one game that would use this besides like a “cultural showcase” or a “world map”.

dont lie to yourself, that kind of map would be and is not popular. why? because gimkit isnt really used for that

people just make all these excuses for their art guides or their thumbnail requests, but please dont