Great Wall of China in gimkit

I put a wall pic in there. Under finished product. It is just part of the Great Wall.

Thats called an RPG


ive been to the great wall of china…
but nice guide! layering might make it a smidge better…

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Thank you! @DXCTYPE Very cool :smiley:

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These posts don’t really relate to my post. And what is rpg?

Role Play Game
Yeah um it has quests, maps, bosses, same concept

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Yeah, i think the Great Wall of china is an RPG type game.

You useed my guide!
I am so happy (no need to credit!)
the guide is kinda vaugeu and not detailed


Um what guide, and I compeletly agree.

the better boss sentries guide


Oh, then yes, that was a good guide.

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@111 This has barely anything to do with the Great Wall of China. It does not explain what the Wall is, or how to build it.


Remember when making a guide:

  1. Will many people use this?
  2. If the guide isn’t as complicated?
  3. Is this a guide where you include instructions with colors, props, etc.
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There’s a difference between making an art guide that is customizable, and making one that just vaguely describes something and a few ways to make it different. For example, how to make a flower, with various ways included to vary the flower designs, is a good customizable art guide. But this guide just specifies the great wall of china is long, maybe you could include chinese food at a chinese restaurant, or adding some sort of boss fight that I don’t even get the relation to the great wall with.

Basically, it might be a good idea to instead explain how to make the wall, the different parts of the wall, and explain how you could add your own tweaks to make it less copy pasted. I believe different sections of the wall also look quite different from each other, so perhaps you could include something about those for extra variation or something like that. When it comes to giving the user freedom to modify and expand on a design, you gotta give them something to start with lol.

But of course- take this with a grain of salt, I have no clue how to make an art guide lol.


I have added a tile pallet.

the entire point of a guide is to help players with a step-by-step process on how to do something. if the guide is about making the Great Wall of China, it should show specific steps on how to build it.
the current guide only suggests things that can be added to the Great Wall of China. therefore, it would be more appropriate to change the title to “Things to Add to the Great Wall of China in Gimkit”.


got clickbaited…
where are the instructions and/or idea lists?
or just details?

is that so much to ask for in a guide?


It is a losing battle, me and Mir Mir tried tell him this morning but we failed.

That’s the only thing you explained how to do…

It has the general guide flavor. Maybe add specific things about how you could make the Great Wall? Having a bad guide is better than having no guide!