Great Wall of China in gimkit

Hi guys today i am going to teach you how to make a Great Wall of china gimkit map!
Disclaimer: Please do not flag this guide. The guide does not need to be followed exactly it is a general guide.

Lore: you are gonna want to make some lore, for example you have traveled back in time 2000 years, or save your friends in ancient china

Quest: you are gonna want a goal for your players for example, they would have to collect five heavy shards in order to get past levels

Side quest: i suggest you have a fun side quest such as eating ancient Chinese food at an ancient Chinese restaurant or something similar to that.

Final boss: to make a final boss layer 5, or 6 sentries and give them slingshots or a weapon of your choice
Check out this guide about how to make better boss sentries!

Better Boss Sentries

And remember to make your Great Wall of china super long
Make long pathways connected to square stations remember to use the suggested tile pallet :slight_smile:

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Part of the finished product:

Make sure to use checkpoints and build bases

Tile pallet: space rock, castle tiles green, red, purple, light shards dungeon blue, grey green.

This doesn’t actually teach you how to make the great wall of china. I got clickbaited :frowning2:


Remember pictures are powerful

no offense, but this guide is very vague. A lot of the things you talk about are either general knowledge, or apply to any map. And, you dont explain how to make anything.


I have an example guide below that is also vague (an example of why these kinds of guides can be unhelpful to other users):

How to Make a SCRIPT CONSOLE in Gimkit!

For the script console, you’d probably want it to be able to code in different languages.

Try telling the user how to make an OS in the script console.

Try decorating your script console.

Your script console should have easy-to-input text!

That’s it, I hope you now know how to make a SCRIPT CONSOLE in Gimkit!


Why is this guide not a guide? Is that possible?

Yeah um its a guide, but it like doesnt teach you anything. So, its aiming for a guide.


Omg thanks! That guide was so detailed! I now know how to use everything in Script Console!


I added a picture of the final boss.

Might want to block out the tabs… and the name, and the code,

I put every major piece of Great Wall of china related information i could find into that guide.

Hey, I have an idea! Actually put a picture of the great wall of china you made! Then we would not be clickbaited.

Yes well it doesnt teach you how to make or do anything…
And the boss is just some sentries in a room


As i said @MirMirCreates it is a general guide you do not need to follow it exactly.

You actually might need to put a picture of the great wall you made and walk us through it.

Yeah um well, this is all kind of general, and a lot of guides have been made about these topics.
Please dont ping me unless its important


I wanted to make a unique guide about the Great Wall of china :slight_smile:

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And still no wall pic. That tells us how to do it.

Well, this is not a guide about lore, map ideas, custom bosses, or quests. This is a guide about combining all of those elements together to make something cool.