Goodbye. (I'm leaving)

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o7 @DXCTYPE goodbye, have fun touching grass
except you could’ve done this in your bio…


i dont wanna sound like an annoying clown, but this is off-topic and many warnings were giving that announcements about leaving shouldn’t be in a topic, but in ur bio. Despite this, we’ll miss you o7

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yeah, idc abt flags anyways

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Heh, you’ll probably fail leaving due to forum addiction
But if you truly leave do, you’ll be missed

oh yeah i frogot to say ill be a Bit more active during summer

yeah like most ppl

o7, but…

These are from another post…
But you will be missed.


okay at this point this is just dumb, but o7 i guess, see ya on the other side


sniff sniff o7 you will be missed

Hope to see you active again sometime (without getting addicted of course)

chec post 6

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okay ppl here i want your VERY HONEST OPINION

wut do u think abt me leaving?

say smth rude, idc, I just want u to b honest

i think that this trend needs to stop immediately and if you’re really leaving, you have a bio for a reason. i think that a good way to leave is just make an on-topic post and also include that you’re leaving, or just silently go away.

oh ok

Although, this is pretty off-topic and there really isn’t a need to announce this with a topic.
This is not an airport, there is no need to announce your departure.

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ahh im talking abt me not the topic

and abt ur bio I joined 1 DAY BEFORE NOV 15!!! THAT COULD MAKE IT 56 PPL

bye we’ll miss you were really helpful with literally everthing

Just ignore em they payed respects leave it at that as much as i want to j0in in on the drama cuz i have a bone to pick with some of you im tired so goodnight peeps

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okay sorry for ping but @here did you like me in the time I was here?

  • yes
  • no
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