Good news and help

what platformer game should i add to climber i got hte seasson ticket doay

make your own idea :slight_smile:

Maybe start with some inspiration from DLD (Don’t Look Down) and build off that?

nice @Georgeholmes1 how about a really hard parkour course using strange mechanics and the hitboxes of the objects

I’m naiming it climber like you climb to the top of a mountain but thx also

Also how do i prevent htis next time people swearing and calling me names for not publishing something on time in gimkit i was sick in janurary and that did it

Should I just work on it no matter how bad i feel it was like your energy was zapped

? no one should tell you to rush the map proccess but youll get it done when you get it done

also how do i go to the limit of the map i’ mean walk their quicly it’s taking me foever also I ment should i have to work on it if i’m sick to top these vnadlas and threaters and cussers because then my nergy was pretty low

also when the seasson ends do i lose my platforming work

I don’t think so. It’s still kinda unclear when platforming will come out for everyone, but it’s likely that it’ll come after this season. You might lose it during the period in between when the season ends → when platforming goes public. Or, you might just retain it throughout since you already bought it.

well it comes out next season supposedly and you can look at the season ticket page and see when

it ends june 26th and we are expecting a new mode and dld platforing to be free for everyone if its not im fine and ill buy the season ticket willing i was planning on anyway for the next one