Give me some crafting recipe ideas

Im making a survival game. What are some good crafting recipes?

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Well, depends, what is the context of it? DO you want something like minecraft, or something for realistic like the game Rust?

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Hey @therareocelot , welcome to the forums!

Crafting weapons would be nice. If you need something to craft them with, I would suggest energy, like a vending machine.

I got something for both genres.

For Minecraft like, make some tools, torches, blocks, and maybe make it so you can obtain stuff through a crafting table only.

For something like rust, add stuff like sticks, stones, sharpen stone knives, something that seems more survivalistic realism.


Recipes? So you have to make tools, right? For an ax, probably whatever you are using for wood 2x + whatever you are using for stone 4x

Yeah, what @Txme_Lxss said

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Basically, use the recipes from Minecraft, but alter them so they are more realistic

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You could combine wheat (like grass slingshots) and something for wood to have a makeshift slingshot.


Also, add some rope, add planks, make it so you can’t just build with a log. Make it so you have to then refine it, then build it with rope, to make it a plank. Make it so there is much more resources, and more you need to do. You could do that if it’s more on the realistic side.

So they can’t just build a house with just pure log… adds some steps to the game and makes it more replayable, I guess.

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I guess for my gimkit Ill do something like minecraft

You can maybe craft med kits or shield cans with fish and some other items that would make sense?

Farming is also really easy.
You can have X amount of water and any type of seed

Make it so you can “make a weapon better” by lets say having giving a uncommon wand and money and you get a rare wand or something like that.