Gimongus Help as well as cool ideas

For my Gimongus map, I want everyone to be teleported one player at a time in a bunch of boxes and I don’t want more than one in it. I want a button to show underneath the boxes that gives a player in one of the boxes an item, and the player with the highest item gets kicked out, and if there is a tie it ends the voting with no player changed into a spectator. I also made a sprint and kill button, and I want it to say “paused until voting ends” and when voting ends it shows again. if the imposter gets changed to spectator it gives Channel “Host” For another thing I was thinking for the kill button to activate only near a player.

Channel “Host” - (that basically restarts the game without actually restarting it so I can work on a percentage randomizer for the game. (that question is asked in another topic, it ended though.))

So how could I do all that? and what should I create next for Gimongus?

There should be a device that sees what is in a players inventor, just give the hst a item when spawned and it shouold work.

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For the individual teleporting, have a random player that doesn’t have an item to be teleported. Then, when they are done, give them the item and run the system again.

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You could use a game overlay to activate a tag zone and then deactivate it after a second. Make sure to mark a solution!


Are you wanting to teleport a certain amount of people or individual. This could possibly help! How to make a voting system for Among Us [SIMPLIFIED] - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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well i wanted to teleport all people but put one player in each box

bump, (i still need help)

I dunno if I can help you completely, but try this: [ 📰 Resources] Resources for Among Us

@Penguin101 if you give me a few days I can see what I can come up with, this is actualy a system i have been thinking about for awhile and was planning on making a guide for. How many boxes are you going to have? Also do you want the same person to go into the same box everytime or is it ok if it’s random, I can do both but random will be much easier. One more thing, what teams are you using and what type of player is on said team(Impostor, Crewmate, ect.)

team 1: Crewmate
team 2: imposter
im thinking about 8 boxes
and also, them being teleported random is fine as long as there is not more than one player in it


I have finished developing the system, here’s a preview. I’m going to make a Community Made Guides for this system and link it here, I’m sorry but I couldn’t make it any simpler, but the entire system only takes a little over 1% memory.

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When the voting starts it broadcasts on a channel and that channel deactivates the button and shows an overlay that says “Paused until voting ends” and then when the voting ends it broadcasts on another channel that hides the second popups and shows the original buttons. This should work.

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