Gimnight battle pass

need help making fortnight map

But… what help do you need? :sob:

i need to find places on the in fortnight

What do you mean by that?

like tomatoe town, deserts any thing

So you need help designing locations? If so, what locations do you have in mind?

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Freshwater, marine, savanna, tropical rainforest, temperate rainforest, city, village, laboratory, just some random ideas.

thanks. have a nice day

No problem. Make sure to mark a solution.

Make a volcano

Use black scraps and pink water in the middle. Layer the scraps to make it look “tall”. (Make the bottom scraps level 1 and floor, then level 2 and wall, then lava and level, with them looking like rings.)

ok tank you very much

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okay thanks. see ya. peace

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If you ask, someone might just have a guide for building a fortnight map

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I made one way back when creative
first came out and I still have it if u need me to make a guide


hey guys are you guys okay? you guys haven’t response in a year!!!