Gimme Your Hardest Jumps

Give me your hardest jumps for a hard platformer map
If possible tell me how to exactly make those jumps step by step.

Which part are you saying “Wdym” to?

A jump like in DLD with the fruit where the player has to time their two jumps perfectly, but up instead of sideways

Also sorry but I can’t explain because I don’t have the season ticket. I thought you were supposed to be able to make them without the ticket in JUNE :rage:


There is one where you have to double jump under a post sideways, then keep doing that, up this time, to the obstruction. VERY HARD to play AND explain.

Adding platforms that switch on and off like the blue and red platforms in Mario games can be challenging if done correctly. To recreate this effect, simply use barriers or props that either get activated and deactivated on a timer or with the press of a button overlay similar to Flipswap Factory.


slope jump for life. Two tables spaced very far apart. Slope jump but you have to jump over a laser.

Thank you!!! That is an awesome idea!

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