Gimkit's Quantum Mechanics: Help Needed

but Wikipedia with math is really reliable because more people want to edit something to do with like politics than the hodge conjecture or some other strange mathematics

also if someone gets a topic wrong normally people will just edit it back because you can literally look formulas, theorems, topics, etc. up


Why does this stop? And why at 1,147? Wire pulse limit? Everything has a delay of 1. Every wire just triggers the next trigger, except for the one to the counter that just increments it.


Edit: ran it again. It stopped at 2,499 this time.


What’s the first thing you trigger?
(I’m making the setup and I’ll see if I can figure it out, but if I can’t this question still stands.)

starting from the bottom one doesn’t stop. Are you sure you didn’t press them twice?

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I only pressed it once. I pressed it from the top.

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I have no clue but for some reason when I was testing with the damager device, most of the time it damaged me 3 times but sometimes also 4, but only rarely. Anyone have a clue?

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I will definitely help if I can, despite the confusion

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what is dis help needed thing

hol up @Blackhole927 you have friends that play gk too

I don’t

they call me gk nerd for trying to explain qmechs to them

???what the does that mean


if u dont know anything abt qmechs you can ask

js read the op

My friends stopped playing after 8th grade, and before they stopped all they did was do farmchain WR attempts in Chinese class lol


bot to be mean but is your grammar correct

Chinese what I’m only in 6th and for world language the classes are Spanish and italian

@Blackhole927 are you a hacker cause if so why are you on the platform

that is such an outlandishly egregious accusation what :skull: one, no he doesnt hack gimkit and his name/titleorwhateveruwannacallit is just exaggerater for humor purposes - he knows a lot about how gimkit works and coding - second, lets not ask people why theyre on the platform without reasonable evidence of consistent wrongdoings (and lack of acknowledgement) please, thanks.


Bro agreed! Every one of my friends calls me a gimkit nerd!

Woah… that was a nice speech.

when I replyed to his comment it said Gimkit hackerman

@PLSHELPMEH This post isn’t about accusing people. If it is not related to Quantum Mechanics please don’t say it. That includes replying to this comment/reply. You’re new and you’ll learn, no hate :+1:


I don’t get what quantum mechanics means can you please explain?