Gimkit randomly froze

I was playing dig it up until out of nowhere…

The game froze. Well, not really.
I could still mine using the pickaxe, but there’s no mining animation. I can’t move. And the timer stopped.
And whenever i’m using my pickaxe, my aim cursor goes away.

maybe bad wifi, lag, or something, just exit out of gimkit and enter again

huh thats weird

refresh i guess


That’s weird. Try refreshing and make a new game.

Uh oh, removed PFP means leaving/retiring?

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when Navy left they did that so others did the same

not neccesarily

saw that from another topic

Yeah, and sometimes when I play dig it up my pickaxe gets stuck in an infinite mining state

Eggnoodle, I don’t get why they do, I don’t want to have a “c” as my pfp until september


dig it up is new, so it might glitch.

Maybe try to click multiple times on the screen.

I’ve had this same problem also.

i dont know if thatll help, and lets see if gimkit fixes this bug or if it is just bad wifi

probably because there is a lot of item drops

dig it up is new, so there might be bugs & glitches

not really new I’m ngl

This Has never happened to me but try emailing gimkit

@FersionSpeedy, did reloading work? :grin:


@Cellofive, I completely agree. When I retire, I’m not going with a bland letter - this pfp is gonna stay.