Gimkit Not Working?

So uh when i went to gimkit this happened

Yeah this is happening to a lot of people rn

Try restarting your device

Pls see the other posts before you post
The servers are down

Still not working

oh my gosh, theres been four bug topics about this glitch

Me too. Really wish this could be fixed.

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Mine isn’t working either?? Wonder what’s up with that

im betting at least 2 more

at least.

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Restarting will not help- there isn’t anything that can be done by us. This is a heroku error, meaning something has been messed up in the code that shows you the Gimkit site, and there isn’t anything that can be done to fix that (at least, by us).

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Hope some Gimkit workers or Josh will get it fixed soon

Thank you!

Everything is back up and running. Let me know if anything is broken for anyone, otherwise we should be good to go.

If this devolves into a chat or an off-topic trash bin or a bunch of people respond “hi Jeff” or other nonsense, I’ll close this thread immediately.


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