Gimkit map for aj and some body else to help

@AJiscoolBoI727 and some random guy can you help with my gimkit map

anyone can help with your map,
don’t share codes however,
or post spam in forum


Are you gimkit staff or something?

I can help but twofoursixeight is right we cant post codes if you dont believe us check the rules

Why can’t we post codes?

@Cool1SC_O_333cam1_1s you can use a padlet but c0des are not allowed on here

Its just the rule i dont really know

Or you can use the gimkit code sharing wix

:expressionless:Wix never works for me

Whats wix @GimNo0b hhmm?

listen to me padlet would be your best bet
I think

You can post your code in this padlet:

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A gimkit wix is a group chat that you can share codes on there is even one that is only used for code sharing

Send link to wix please @GimNo0b

Look, the reason non-staff members enforce the rules are so staff members don’t have to actually punish people. Codes aren’t allowed since they add clutter to the forums.

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Why do we have so many code-posting sites… isn’t one (the wix) sufficient?

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find the button would be a great one just saying

hey can you allow me in the thing.

You might have to wait a bit to get into the wix, we also have a lot because different sites are blocked on different school computers.

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