Gimkit Kart 8 Suggestions

So, I am about to do a major overhaul/memory optimization run, and I was also going to add much more content. Does anyone have any ideas on 1. Any new people I should add as karts, and 2. What new map I should add?

Are we talking official maps in Mario Kart 8 or are we talking map ideas in general?

Well, both. If you have any general map ideas, I’d be happy to hear them! …but I also need another official MK8 map to spoof in GK8. The map, for simplicity, needs to be flat.

How about a map where you are racing through the sewers? Also is it with cars or just with speed modifiers?

Just speed modifiers. The only sewer map I know of would be pretty tough to replicate in GKC though…

Zypheir and blackhole carts?

You could try antigravity maps using a layer system.

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That would be awesome. Do you have any ideas for the new track?

This is going to take up the remaining 50%, isn’t it… Navy, thanks so much! You’re like my draconic ace in the hole!

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