GimKit for Teaching English

There are a plethora of kits made for English as Second Language purposes, but this forum seems to make almost no mention of educational games that could test students’ knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Are there any teachers here that can share their experience using the games in class? I love innovative approaches to teaching and GimKit Creative looks appealing, but I just wonder if people here use GimKit to teach languages.

I came onto gimkit when learning Japanese. So vocab is great for gimkit.


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Yes, it can be used. Because Gimkit allowed kits to have typed answers, you can utilize that to, for example, translate something from one language to another. This will have to be done outside of GKC (Gimkit Creative). Any questions?


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there is a kit search bar in the main home page im pretty sure if you search up like “Spanish” or almost any language kits that will teach you that come up, so yes, vocab in gimkit is a thing


Lovely! Do you know of any games that focus on Japanese? Can you direct me to any titles?

I usually only see kits that focus on Japanese, so I would try to find a game that emphasizes the questions over the gameplay.

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I’m looking for inspiration. I’ve already played several games, but I’m looking for any game that is more into practicing grammar or vocab in any language. Or perhaps I’d be the first one to get to creating one.

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You could try to implement it in your game.
For example, you could have players talk to NPCs (Sentries) in an RPG game (or any game actually) and let them choose between two sentences to say (from popup call-to-action buttons) and if they choose the sentence with the right proper grammar, they can communicate with the NPC or persuade them with good grammar to get a reward.

For the limit of two Call-To-Action buttons, you could have a call-to-action that says “next sentence” that opens up another popup with a different answer/sentence and so on.
Alternatively, you could have a questioner screen open to talk to the sentry.

If you want to make learning a big part of your game, you can base it over the official classic mode gamemode where players answer questions to get resources and powerups.


@Blue, I suspect you are a teacher? Well, if you want to have a Gimkit for teaching English, you could perhaps make one that is sufficient to your needs. I suggest a classroom, where it simulates “students”(Gims), going through the school to “escape” it, where they have to answer a grammar-related question throughout the “classrooms”. You could use a modified questioner so that you don’t need a question kit.

I guess I could try to make one…

Something to start off with would be this:

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This forum is only for helping students/teachers to build maps that could be fun or be educational.

Gimkit also might be used to teach languages.

Yeah, GKC (Gimkit Creative) is basically making your own map. So you could still learn using kits that other people made as long as the questioner is part of the game.

What do you mean:

That’s what we’re doing…

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@Blue you should look in the community guide if you need map idea


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no I said people need to make more community guides

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