Gimkit Creative Platforming Glitch

Screenshot 2024-03-26 3.14.24 PM

Because the wall is at a slant, the gim is forced to slide down it. The hitbox of the walls make it so that the Gim can’t fall out. Since the gim’s feet aren’t touching the ground, jumping doesn’t work, neither does moving. This makes it impossible to keep playing, because you are stuck there forever. Does anyone know how to escape? I’m not fully sure if this is a simple fix to the game, but it would be great if this could be patched.


Is this a creative map? Things like this will happen if the creator of the map is careless with how they place their props, which is why a respawn button is recommended in the case of softlocking.


The hitboxes here are a bit silly, so you are literally stuck forever. This is known as a softlock.


Yeah, true. It’s just an issue with hitbox and jumping.
Refresh and try again…?

Yea its a creative map. (not mine)
Also, that’s a good idea, kinda like when in games if you press “r” you restart the level or restart from the last checkpoint.

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oh ive played that

been there too


Maybe just add a zone and if a player falls In there teleport them back out…

if only everyone would do that


Would make a guide on it, but it’s too short and wont be well received by the community, so I’ll just get flagged lol.

How do you get the “Floor” to be the DLD?

If you mean, touching the ground kills you, then you put lasers on the ground I think.

Use zones that respawn you


Huhhh i better be careful when i play DLD also nice skin

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Heh. It would be way easier to tell if you hadn’t put the circles and arrows like it was a “calling among us at 3am video”

Oooo! I love that idea!

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Zones can be wired to the respawn device, which can spawn you back at your last checkpoint.

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that happened to me too…