GIMKIT Creative - How to make a battle royale game (🟩) (4/10)

Hello✋, today we are going to make a battle royale map in gimkit creative.
The steps are:
#1 - Create an area to spawn in like so… (The wall is concrete)

#2 - Add a spawn pad for the players…

#3 - Make 2 buttons

#4 - Create another area for weapons

#5 - add a item spawner

#6 - add any weapon

#7 - Make another button

#8 - make a teleporter in the spawning area

#9 - press the “z” key to make a wire from the button to the teleporter

#10 - Make another area and put a teleporter in there

By now your map should look like this…

Then end the game when there is one player left!

if you want to add a counter so the game ends itself here is how
[Counting and Ending Team Battle Royales! Difficulty [ 🟨 ] or [5/10] [WIP]]


Welcome to the community @1109628! And nice first guide! You might want to be a bit more detailed in your description or this could get flagged as a showcase.

Nice guide! But this type of thing already exists so you might want to credit some of these guides:

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Nice guide! You should add the part on ending the game at one player though.

Okay, Thanks @WolfTechnology

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By the way i made it all myself and a friend who does not have an account on the forums

Nice guide! Welcome to the forum! Also, try to see if you could add images later!

3 things:

  1. We can see a game c0de that could be joined.
  2. This is getting close to showcasing, which is not allowed.
  3. You are leaking your name.
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the codes are all expired

You still need to cover the c0des up. You can still get flagged for c0des even if they are expired.

sorry this is my first time posting so if you can recommend any help that would be awesome

No he doesn’t. The purpose of those rules are to prevent people from spamming to j0in their game. I don’t think that @1109628 was spamming to j0in. He also said that the codes were expired.


thank you @getrithekd

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Nice Guide and Welcome to the forums, @1109628!

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I’m Making a battle royale map and I’m trying to add a “Storm” but I’m not sure how. Any ideas?

I would recommend this to try,