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Is there a way to upload photos of someone like josh for my game?

Custom pictures are not allowed

No, they aren’t allowed. Using the icons are the only way to have pictures.

not really possible and will probs never be added due to moderation problems with that

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Aww! I wanted to make story game of founding gimkit!

pls mark a soluution if u found answer to your question

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You can only use Pixel art

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Yeah, because then people would upload inappropiate images.

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Too true, how sad, those people (not the Gimkit team) ruining the possibilities of more customization.


Oh well, maybe Gimkit Creative will eventually allow them with an advanced filtering system. Mark a solution to close this topic when you want to.

How Do I do that pixel art…

Try this guide:

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Thanks! Anyway, time to stop talking and let the topic close.

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