Gimkit Boss Battles

Hello. I’m trying to make a starting boss battle for my sky island tutorial (yes, this is like totk). Any pointers on how to make it a creative and engaging fight? I want some moving mechanics, like the new ball, but I’m not sure how to implement it.

an idea on how to implement the ball. maybe make it so the boss shoots a ball at you, then have it so if the ball hits you, you get knocked out? but if you hit the ball with a weapon, it can backfire and hit the boss instead.
use this guide for help with designs:

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Possibly, you could make the players shoot a ball past a laser to hit the boss.

Thank you! Do you know any goal style sensor devices to do this?

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The ball can be tracked by something so when it passes through a zone, it damages the boss. Use props to make your boss look good.

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you could make like an army that attacks the player and also like a boss that has max health, speed, and aiming.