Gimkit Bedwars issue

For some reason nobody will every respawn no matter how I change everything. How it works is that there is a lifecycle that is set to player knocked out next that is connected to a checker so that when event happens it runs the check(the checker checks whether or not you have the object/bed(a gimberry) there is than a wire connecting it to a switch team that switches you to spectator if you don’t have a gimberry( you lose it when your bed is destroyed). If any one could help me that would be great!

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? im really confused maybe you need to make a respawn happen by checkpoint if the gimberry is lost then they can’t go to the checkpoint a new one is set

that was confusing hmm

I think that it is because the checker only checkes once because the lifecycle is on game start, so it will only check on game start, what you need to do is make a repeating trigger.

Repeating trigger

Wire the lifecycle to the trigger, event occurs - trigger, and make the triggers settings:
When triggered transmit on “Trigger Again”, Trigger when receiving on “Trigger Again”, Not visible in game, and not activated by player collision.

Just a sudgestion: Have you ever thought of using a counter and a property for each bed???

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wait maybe make a knockout manager and make it so it connects to a checker and if you have a gimberry it respawns you if not you become a spectator?

like once your knocked out it checks and does a action depending on the outcome
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is this like capture the flag but like bedwars version?

No i think its like you fight and try to take the bed (which is where you respawn once knocked out) and then knock the rest on the team out (without a bed you cant respawn)


wait you can just use a respawn and a checker. checker checks the item amount, and if you have a gimberry, then it triggers the respawn.

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