Gimkit Bank Heist game help with item checker device

I’m making a bank robbery game and there’s a part where you can jump into the vent to crawl into the vault. I’m wondering how to make a system. Pretty much when you get near the vent, there is an invisible button that says, open vent. I’m pretending that the wand is a prying tool to open the vent. When the button is pressed, I want it to check if the player has a wand. If so the player teleports inside the vent. If not then a message saying’ you don’t have the proper tool to open the vent’ pops up. Please help me with this. I appreciate all help. Thanks.

So, if you want, you can make it check a property with the checker and item inventory manager.
I can help.

Does this help?

Transmit on attempt to open vent

Check when receiving on: attempt to open vent
Check Type: Wooden Wand
Comparison: Greater than
Value: 0
If check passes transmit on: go into vent
If check fails transmit on: no wand

Teleport here when receiving on: go into vent

Header: Error
Content: You don’t have the tool for this!
Send when receiving on: no wand

ABCD and harharharhar83 thanks for help i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the crazy community called GKC Forums! There’s a lot and love and support here if you follow the rules!
Check out forum-beginners and gimkit-beginners.

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Thanks for all the help dude! I’ve used GKC forums, but this is the first time I’ve actually asked a question. The fast speed of your response blew my mind. Thanks!

Np. I like helping out. Now if someone asks this question again you will have the answer too! :wink:

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Well you probably have more experience than me using gimkit items, so I was wondering if there were any other items besides weapons that would look like a crowbar or something that would open a vent besides a wand?

a bannana! lol, idk. i just got here.

ok ill try it thanks!

its curved, so i think it could pass as a crowbar.

yeah ig thanks again

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Caternaught’s idea is pretty good.
I would use a Gadget because it can also knock people, more like a real crowbar.
From all the Gadgets, I would say either a Blaster or a Wand.

I can’t wait until they add the pickaxe from DIU. It will be SOOOOOOO useful in situations like this.

i put bannana cause its curved and he asked for an Item relative to a crowbar. a wand is good for a gadget!

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