Gim sprites glitching [Continued from Topic ID 11407]

That happened to me today!
Litteraly my chompz Gim went crazy!

Im pretty sure all of my gims have this issue, imma go check

Guessing Somethings wrong today

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Not all of my gims have this issue, because my glass half full gim looks normal. So maybe try switching to a older gim skin? Maybe it is just the newer gims having the issue, since both of my legendary gims are having issues.

Here’s a few…

my glass half full is broken, along with dodge and sketch

Not ONLY Gims! If nobody noticed even sentries!

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that happened last time too, but I tested a sentry and it worked. seems like there is no pattern to what is affected

Bruh I kinda like the Glitched Gims @CassiusDoomlorde It should be a LITERAL Gim!

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Yes, I think it’s random


I also have 2 glitched gims, sketch and gobble

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hopefully this might help

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Welcome to the forum, @Sushi !

dont forget to clip out that code in screenshots!

It’s probably invalid by now, you can only be in a game for one hour and if 1 hour has passed, the game refreshes.