Gim Missing from shop

I just looked at the shop, and it doesnt show any new gims, and yet the news says the Freya Gim is available in the shop. Wich is correct?

I saw that,
The team may find out later and add it into the shop.

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Yeah so weird. Never seen this kind of bug before. They’ll get it fixed quickly tho.

I heard Josh is on vacation. Hopefully they’ll fix it

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That’s a bit funny but seriously were’s the gim

What rarity is it and when will it come. all the other emberwalls are there but freya

Time zones exist. Dude.

Someone posted on discord that Freya isn’t going to be in the shop this week. It was supposed to be, but I guess they messed up

No I saw it in the shop for me this week

You did? For me, it was only in the news

Pharlain said it was bug
and it will be added later in the future

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Yeah I will send a screen shot

Nevermind I was thinking different I did not see it

guys move on .-.
this is a bugs topic
so you read it
try to solve it
then go

“oooh socializing is funn!!” then go outside.


They just changed it to “Rainbow Wave” and made it back on.

I hate the new item shop, i was looking forward into the new gim.

this might have something to do with josh not letting people earn gimbucks over the summer, not sure though.

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you have so much faith in the gimkit team :+1:

Guys, they got it back from the shop now.


W gim

uhh, back FROM the abyss TO the shop…