Gim Marbles/Slide [WIP]

@WhereIsMyHat are there blastballs in platforming? and if so u could use those to make a

idk cus i don’t got the season ticket

@Edwards, Blastball isn’t in Platforming yet. Making GKCP mechanics for that may take a while, so it won’t be released for a few updates. :sparkles:

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Fun idea entered the chat.
And items.

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I was just thinking of that yesterday if people could make indiana jones but no. there is no blastball at the moment

Wait… could this be a possible way to ‘simulate’ moving sentries? or sentries that chase you?

Possibly. Problem is, it would have to be downhill, and it’s not possible to make them go uphill since they don’t maintain momentum.


that’s true. well… you know in dld’s frosty peaks there’s a slope? I can keep jumping up and down on that…


I like this concept, but I think I recognize this…


Bump this guide.

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