Giant worm design

I’m making an area called the steam room and the main enemy is called the SteamWorm. It is just going to be a silhouette that creeps out of the steam but I have no idea how to start making a large worm-like being.

it depends on the room size, mind if you send a screen shot?

Try laying out props that look like you might use them for the worm eventually as a frame, and i would then do barrier art….not that I’m any good at barrier art.

barrier art is simpler to do that or your the shell props to get the skin of the worm right.

Yeah maybe…but I think layout with props then barriers…

Possibly a sentry underneath if you want the worm to attack, and if you want it to move, first you should grab Advil for the headache you’ll get…

You would need a sentry either way. and shells would fit it better, i just tested it.

It’s not bad for my first non-sentry enemy.


here’s what did


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