Getting Snow Balls

How do I get snow balls just like in snowbrawl.

Use an item spawner (or granter) connected to a questioneer

yeah but how do you make a snowball launcher run on snowballs

turn off infinite refills

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thank you very much, Alan

np glad to help

With your skill, you could prob make a great map. Wdya working on?

Sorry, Im out of topics for the day, how do you make on the scoreboard, seconds surrvived without using zones? Thx

I guess make a timer for each person and when they die it stops the timer, whoever has the largest amount wins.

??? i dont understand

Do a counter wired to a repeater to make a timer, and when a player is knocked out (knockout manager), it stops the repeater, therefore stopping the timer. Use the guide on score so whoever has the timer with the biggest number (most time survived) wins.

sry I was at a soccer game. I am currently working on a logic puzzle map, but I’ve only made stage one so far.

It’s mostly a skill one though, basically stage one is just that you need momentum to get through a tiny gap between 2 props.

Or you could set score to seconds survived and make it a count up game mode

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Are you online now?

I am making snow brawl 2 which is finished.