Getrithekd I cant reply rn because i have to wait 23 hours until i can reply agian because i replyed to much on my first day can anyone help me with this please

someone please help me i want to be able to reply


Use a zone that is wre to the bed prop and have the wire say"zone activated- despawn prop" and have a teleporter be under the bed and have it linked to were the escape hatch ends.

Can you put the description in the body of the post and not the title? It just makes everything harder to read. And @WolfTechnology cloudyboy specifically said that they didn’t want a teleporter.

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That was edited, it wasn’t in the title originaly when i typed that. But the rest of the function will work fine with out the teleporter. The teleporter is just more efficient.

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hes saying that he can’t reply on the Gimkit Forums because he replied too much
For Cloudyboy
Then wait 24 hours.

bro stop replying on my thing or im gonna flag you anyways that was a while ago are you new to the forums

dude, learn how to NOT try to blackmail sometime?

dude learn to mind your buissness are you new too read the rules

No, I’m not. I actually joined before YOU. Have you read the community gudelines? I’m pretty sure blackmailing isn’t allowed.

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Bruh you

  1. Can’t blackmail someone

This is illegal and can land you in prision

  1. Not discriminate for obvious reasons

It’s not blackmailing. I can say, “If you post off topic stuff, I will flag you”. That’s not blackmail, right? Also, flags don’t matter unless a mod actually verifies the flag.


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It’s blackmail when your putting it in front of something, telling them they have to so and so with a threat above their heads. this happened to @California_Love.


Oh, yeah, sorry. You mentioned me. What’s happening?

Their talking about the guy who blackmailed you.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. How’s he doing? @Shadow.exe :roll_eyes:

Did he recieve help? I was going to try to help earlier–but…

You know what, what’s the point?

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Um, he’s trying to start another chat, but one of them is not having it. he supported my comment on blackmail not being cool.

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Oh. OK. Well, should we leave this or—


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