George's Freezeria!

So i’m making a FNAF Ripoff because, I want to.
I want some Ideas for the freezeria!

Ok! Are there any specific items or things you want included? Or designs?

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We need more info!

More info. Maybe take advantage of the new cameras? Perhaps have sentries chase you?

I don’t need help with mechanics. Just Designs.

You can make a refrigerator/freezer by using ice barriers and a metal shelf, and if you want to add any food/drinks use text and emojis with some plates… if you need anything specific let me know!

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If anyone wants to help me, go to my padlet! Code is “George”.

if its scary themed, (like original fnaf), maybe add blood stains using tinted dirt? you could put a transparent ice emoji over any prop/device to make it look frozen too!

I could make you a base design on my beta world, if you gave me a lead…