George’s Path To make a simple box fight! (Top-Down)

Hey Guys! Today I will show you how to make a simple box fight! This guide requires no knowledge on blocks! Now let’s get started!

First, go to Map Options, and set these settings:

Background Terrain

Whatever you want!

Game Clock

Count Down

Countdown Duration

Probably something like 30 minutes

Music Track

Your choice!

Allow Solo Play



Free For All

Item Slots

How many slots players have for gadgets & usable items


Infinite Refills


Refill Duration


Allow Gadget Drop


Dropped Item Visibility

When a player drops an item, who is it visible to?


Okay, yes, that was a TON of settings, but now we are ready to start!

Making The Battle Arena
First, make the Battle Area.

(I made mine a bit smaller for some steps to be easier later on.)

Next, decorate it!

Be sure you put spawn pads!

Now, it’s time for devices!

Place down two starting inventory devices and set these settings:

For the next part , use this tutorial here made by @Txme_Lxss :

Then, use a lifecycle and a team switcher to turn “knocked out” players into spectators!

That’s my guide! Tell me if you have any opinions or things I can change!


Would probably be better if the map was a bit bigger but other then that…Great guide!

I like that you used the dirt as a way to build…

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Kinda short.
You might want to add more.
This should be more considered a box fight then battle royal

Thx :]


There are a lot of guides about this…
[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Battle Royale

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Sure. I’ll do that.


I will miss you, you were one of the first people I saw on here, and since then I still am trying to get Trust Level 3. I understand your reasoning for leaving.

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NICE! I would suggest using pickaxes to emulate the box fight tho

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I was originally going to, but then I realized that a a weapon will do the same thing, just not drop it.

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I did it for the player to have to manage their dirt.