Gem Conquest game?

Hi everyone! @TigriRose is back with a random game idea! Since the new update with the dynamic terrains, I’ve been thinking about a new game idea. What if you had four different teams assigned to each of the rare ores? Then, you would give each player a pickaxe with damage modification so that it can one-shot all of the blocks. Each team has a home base with a light shard, and at the game ends when one team puts their blocks into another team’s home base and takes the light shard. I have planned out some parts of this game, but I don’t know how to make players on a team only able to walk on their color. Any suggestions?

Could barriers with scope work?

Ok, what’s scope? (sorry, I haven’t explored a lot with devices.)

This is one of the few things in the gimkit documentation.

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Thanks! I’ll read it when I have time.

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Do you think the rest of my (imaginary) game sounds good?

Yeah, I really like the idea of four teams. It makes the game more original since most games are either free for all or two teams.

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There’s a reason for that…[1]

  1. Multiplayer bugs are vicious. ↩︎


XD yes! Bugs are hard enough to deal with in the first place!

Also, by color, what do you mean? The color of the permanent terrain in a player’s base?

No, like when a player puts down terrain, the ore, it’s like they “claim” the area. So they put down terrain so they can walk there, then they take the shard to win.

Player scope: When you deactivate the barrier, it deactivates for that player.
Team scope: When you deactivate the barrier, it deactivates for that team.
Global scope: When you deactivate the barrier, it deactivates for everyone.

I mean, I have 4 team CTF and it works FINE

Hmm… I’ll ping someone good at these types of things
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Wait, were you talking about someone good at scope or someone good at the type of game you’re making?

Type of game

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