Garbage bag build hack

Can you guys give me build hacks for garbage bags?

I’ll try I guess, making a bag couldn’t be that hard…

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its hard for me, cant find the right shape

same… so first for the bag part, you just get a pumpkin and tint it black so it looks like a bag. I’m still tryna figure out the part at the top that you tie.

ok, so i just used alien plants and a plate in the middle to make it look like knots in the string thingys that I forgot the name of.

finished result, YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

Screenshot 2024-07-03 6.12.13 AM
-_- wow so exciting

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Oh wow!! Thanks alot for it! Thats cool :OO

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Thank you for helping me :3

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I made one :3

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no problem! :sweat_smile:
My “claim to fame” with prop art was when I was making this lol

Screenshot 2024-06-28 1.32.34 PM
its a T-60 Power Armor thingy cause I was bored…

and then the next thing you know I’m flagged for this and then I get banned for 97089 years


that’s actually rlly good!

Oh wow :open_mouth: You have great talent!

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