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How can you make it so that people can rate your game? Is it possible to be able to rate a game on these forums, or not. Thank You for helping!


There’s currently no rating system in GKC.

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Follow Up question, Why is my published map not showing up in Discovery, even when I search for it specifically. Also, can you rate games using these forums?

Maps will usually take a while to show up. You can try searching the games description as well. Also, there is no rating system on the forums. If your game is good enough however, you might be able to get it nominated for the next Gimkit Awards.

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What I did to fix this was that I wrote my initials. When I search my initials my game appears

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Welcome to the forums @Toothless!

I don’t really understand why when you publish your game, you can’t exactly find it, so I had to put some initials or three random letters to search up, but it fixes the problem, now I can search up my game by writing the intitials.

I published it this morning, it got 47 plays, and now I can not find it even when I search up the exact name, nothing appears.

oh, thanks, I’m new. I love how the community is so kind! I’ve read a lot of other forums and sometimes the conversations are light and happy, inviting people into the gimkit family.

How do you change the name?

okay, basically, when you publish, go into game overview I think, then click on your games name, you should be able to edit it, after that, click save changes. Okay, I’m out of replies, so I’ll do it right here.

click publish

CLick map details, and in the name, edit your games name: Here, I put ARN, now when I search it up I the discovery, I can find my game. Hope this helps!

Okay, @Beluga_Whale, could you explain me what a DESC is? Sorry, but I don’t know what it means.

this only works with a specified desc. bc when i updated my desc my (STB) tag did not work anymore

you can put a link to a padlet or such in the desc and have people go there to rate it…
also maybe put a password to the padlet and the password is only shown after a player beats the game?

What is a DESC mean? :question:



i found the game :slight_smile:

the closest thing you can do to a rating system is make a link in the game that takes you to a Google forms thing and you give options for example, 1 through 10.Then you can see the results, and there you go! Sometimes, the solution isn’t always in-game.

Well. You could technically speaking make a rating system in your game, but it would probably take a lot of memory and be very complicated. I recommend just doing a google form.

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Does the picture show the name of your game? If it is, remove it, it’s advirtising.

Not much, it’s indirect, for a guide. If they have filled up their space, then they would have to use an old map.

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