Game overlay visible on game start when not supposed to

I set a game overlay not visible to game start -

Somehow, it was visible.
Anyone know what happened?

Do you have anything that’s triggering the overlay or supposed to trigger it later?

It’s not triggering anything right now… Or, here’s the wires to the game overlay.

(Looks at the wires in the background)
Anyway, is the zone in a completely different area? If you make it close to he spawn, (or on it) the pop-up might show up when the game starts.

If you’re unable to fix this issue, connect the lifecycle set to game start to a trigger device with a delay of 1 second. Then connect the trigger to the pop-up to hide it. It still will show for 1 second, but that’s better than nothing.


Lol, wires are for the vending machines, some are for the popups for the game overlay. The zone is for the sentry, so a person can talk to them.