Game Ideas... Please help

As ya’ll know, I’m making a Map called “Enter the Gimgeon” (A remake of “Enter the Gungeon”) I have Made some Ideas on paper, so I’d like to show them.

Here they Are:

Idea voting:

Ideas (More Coming)
  • Custom Bosses
  • Custom Mechanics
  • Custom Guns (If Possible)
  • Custom Textures?
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is enter the gungeon a gimkit game?

What do you need help with???

No. It’s an Indie Game.

no its a dungeon crawler game

Other/More Ideas, please

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oh i havent played it so idk what it about and like ideas for your game. Sorry :frowning:

can you add a dragon?

Idk. Might try that.

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how does a dragon work in Gimkit?

I mean, lasers, but…

I… Don’t know… Ima figure it out…

sorry if I gave you something complicated you dont have to do it if you dont want to.

Nah, dude. The idea is really cool. I’m just gonna see if it’s possible, though.

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