Game ideas needed plz help

During the summer I’m gonna make a game with a higher deatell but I can’t decide which to make.

  1. tycoon were players get droppers like in roblox and collect there money and have to build up there bass with sentry spawner. it would be too teams (opatanol) and it would be called sentry wars
  2. a building game were a team has to build like a job game everyone depends on the other players. one job to collect mattrel and then drop it in a spot then the next job is to build and there are different levels
  • number 1
  • number 2
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plz help !!! :laughing: :laughing:
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@JellyProductions really I thought everyone would do the other

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If you have more ideas plz add them

The dropping items animation is impossible, so to make it easier on you, I chose the second. :slight_smile:

You are one of the few people that use proper grammar. :slight_smile:

actually not all the time at night you don’t want to look at what I wright!

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Also I would make it by having sentry’s fall into the money zone and then other sentry’s snipe um then they drop cash

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I’m debating if I should get the season tickit to creat this or wait or make it top down

I needed a tie breaker

i have come to rescue and given the breaker of the tie

well see for now who wins

@SUS1, no offense, but you are kind of making too many posts. This is not a group chat in iMessage. Try to put multiple thoughts in one post! (The server tunnel is probably overloaded :slight_smile: )

tell that to @ Chillthrill709build

anyways don’t worry I’m leaving for the summer and maybe even forever depending on my school

but does anyone have any other ideas

tie breaker is official.

and the other idea? build to survive, build your own base to survive the horde of zombies I guess? the zombies are players though

or bots that spawn after time thanks I’ll add it to my long to do list

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ahh man it tied again plz help


thanks!!! guess I’m making that map on less their are any others

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closing on june 1st cuz that’s when my school steals my computer!
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I have more suggestions! I actually haven’t seen any Team VS Team “shooters”. Personally, I would really like to play something like that along with some of my friends. But personally, I vote the second one because it just seems the most fun. Anyways, hope you have fun creating :slight_smile: