Game Ideas {must be Original}

Make an arcade, with each minigame having a different way to score points, but they all show up on the leaderboard as the same score! Managing a game like that back in May gave me the experience to be so good at GKC now!

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Make a DOD conflict game. It probably isn’t the best idea, but I am sure no one has made one yet.


You should try to make the google doodle champion island game in GKC

How about a story of a knight’s quest? One you can play through, of course.

Maybe a multiplayer open-world free roam with quests type of game? You could make it so the game’s mostly up to the player to carve their own path.

(maybe I’ll make this sometime…)

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1.Hunger Games
2.Murder Mystery
3.One Way Out 4
4.Last One standing
5.Hide and Seek
7.A City With Many Ways to Die
8.Laser Maze
9.A normal Maze
10.Bedwars Map
11.The Gimcade
13.Stranded On an Insland
14.Robots vs Humans
15.Prison Break
16.One Block
19.Poppy Play Time
20.Capture the Flag 2.0

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Hmmm interesting I kind of like that

Except for the fact that I would have to transition to one thing to another for every single thing you do it will be a long thing to do

Wow. U sure know a lot of games.

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Maybe make it so that it all centers around one plot, so you can do the quests/activities in whatever order you want, but you’ll end up finishing the same way.

A game where you run a shop and manage bills and stuff

(Walk to school in OHIO)
How would I make “Walk to school in OHIO”
This is original! Oh wait, you wanted originality right?

i feel like everyone has this idea at some point but it just takes too long to make

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@Gimkitsuggestor aren’t you like a suggestor, not a asker?

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YES I have very original ideas(don’t mind my posts)
go around looking for oranges
that are scattered around the map
have a team randomizer
the oranges are hidden and first team to find them all wins
Idk if this is possible bc of the item dispenser things but try it

or have a simulated arcade(or just a house witha bunch of sega games) where you push a button on the arcade machine(or insert the sega game into ur sega)
and when you do it teleports you into a minigame kind of thing
you can play the game but there can be a game overlay buttton that you can push to exit out of the game
and thats it theres also a button that you can press to end the game or a timer that counts down


ITS SO FUN. It also wouldn’t be too hard and I haven’t seen anyone else make it


Hmm interesting but need 2d mode for that

You could also do something with invisible barriers since the ducks don’t really jump.

Cause for climbing you could do teleportation or just make it look 3d and use more invis barriers

I’m making it as my Trailer for the Creative Creative contest on discord. Then, I’ll make it if it wins.

What is this? WHat is CREATive creatIVE