Game Ideas For My Game

I need ideas for my game
the game is a car game where its like a car show and you walk around and you get lost
(that’s all I’m giving you of what I put in my game)

You can have players pick the cars to test drive/race if you want to make that. You can build a cool race track with it.

i was but making a moveable car is really hard so i changed my mind on that

So maybe make a quest for you to find the car again? But the car is broken, so you have to gather the pieces to rebuild it.

Then what are you doing?

You can set different speeds/shortcuts to players. Make the shortcuts be a barrier disappears to unlock it.

im going to make it where your at a grocery shop and you get lost and you try to get back to the front entrance
(i changed it from a car show to a grocery store)

Decor ideas? Game ideas? Device ideas?

all of them honestly

:confused: ?

I don’t know why I think its bc I did on my last post or something like that idk

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Oh!!! IDEADEADEAD!!! Have NPC helpers spread across the whole shop, and they can point you in the right direction. Also, you can find money stack props on the floor, which, when interacted with (button) will give you the item. Have a green keycard that works as your credit card. When you try to buy an item, maybe there could be special items you could buy, and it would do 3 things first: It would check to see if you have the money, then send you a SORRY notification if not, a SUCCESS if you do. The second thing is it would deduct the money and the “credit card.” Third, it would be hooked up to 2 item granters, one giving you credit card “back,” and the other giving you the item you sought. It could be more than one. Also, grocery carts and escalators could take you to different parts of the map. Maybe, in the end, you could have a check-out line with a bunch of sentry grocers that you have to defeat. They would not respawn, and they would send out a signal to a counter. Set the target number to the number of grocers. Once all of them were defeated, the timer would send a signal to an item granter, giving the person who defeated the last one a golden key, which, when slotted into the “exit doors” (with a vending machine,) would activate an end game device. You could also have an end-of-game widget and property that says something like, “You Escaped!”

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just so you know @Unit_72 im still reading but i saw credit card in there im probably gonna do something like that know thanks for the idea and im still waiting for @leo_flowers he/she is still typing

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Decor ideas! Maybe you can do a thing with the barriers to make custom shelves with the shop! You can put the barriers in a certain formation ( Then to make one as a line and things for multiple shelves, looking cool! ) Here is a cool guide that I love! It is to make a cash register! Some other ideas can be some seasonal decor in different places using emojis :snowflake: like so, and you can put them on certain shelves How to make a working grocery store! ( Money system: 1/10 or 🟦 ) or How to make a working grocery store! 3/10 or 🟩 Guides for some things to do… and things such as that! Device ideas! you can put some sentries behind the counter and put some sentries around the store to make it look like better y’know? [1] some other things you can include are some interactive devices behind some veggie things, and it can give you veggies! I didn’t want to put the whole word Game ideas! Starts out, you can make it to where there is like a start, you walk in the store… You go through the store and look for the things that are needed but soon realize that you are lost! :cold_sweat: like what @Unit_72 was saying, [2] have some sentries around the store and they have like different clues on where to go to next! you can have an ending with zone and a pop-up and say, " You have reached the end! " and it can like… have another thing that can say, " OMG wow u are so awesome! :wink: close this pop-up to end the game! " or if you wanted the game to keep going then… yeah…

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Wow that’s pretty creative

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ok im reading now @leo_flowers

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nice im going to be using the cash register guide and the grocery shop guide right now @leo_flowers

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he :slight_smile:

ok thanks @leo_flowers

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now i need decorations guys