Game Help Request!

How do I make it so that the player takes damage when I want them to. EXAMPLE: Button press → Hurt player. I also am fine with using blocks.

Defeat a boss, or make a weapon, get something, collect x items…

how about how many kills you get or get a certian amount of item drops

Knockouts is a good idea, I will consider.

Collecting items? This is cod zombies, and defeating a boss would be bad because then team 2 (zombies) wouldn’t summon one.

maybe an escape objective?
you would need to collect a number of items or smth, and then that would let the players travel to a new area that’s not affected by the zombies, ending the game.

Maybe from drops you collect items after beating up the zombies. Boss is if you decide to somehow add a storyline (which is an idea itself).

sorry never played i just basic quest i knew how about a certian amount of kills can summon a boss because i think you can have your map striked down for copyright (not to alarm you your probaly entierly fine)

It’s name is Temmie’s Zombies.

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Couldn’t you use pseudo health to do this?
(If you don’t know what that is:Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: 🟩))

Yeah I figured that out.