Game ends when 1 player remains

so when everyone else dies and 1 player remains the game ends. plz help

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Use a lifecycle+relay. Don’t change their settings. Connect it to a counter with a target of one. When counter reaches target-------end game. If you want late joining, add in another lifecycle to detect late joining players.


Thanks, really helped alot

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Oh, just realized that I forgot to mention that use a lifecycle to detect a knockout, and when event happens, decrement counter. Sorry.

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it’s fine. now i can invite my friends without them telling me i suck at making worlds.

awwwww you cant suck
suck is not a thing
you can be less good at it then other people, but you CANNOT suck
(more than i do at GC anyway)
and if your friends tell you that you suck then tell them to ____ off cos thats just plain nasty
i had a friend who did that, and it was 5 years ago and she has long forgotten and i still havent
@Callmeironm800 you officially dont suck!!! dont say that you do


Wow such nice words, Thank you, You are amazing

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@anon73616841 Good message but you might want to remove this part.

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glad you liked my message