Game/Art/Anything Ideas

I need help for a game idea or just something to make! (I’m a big Nintendo fan, so maybe add some things to do with that, but I can’t think of anything that would be possible until they add jumping in creative)

in game chat?

here are some ideas

Doesn’t really have anything that interests me. I would like answers to be more specific.

What about a snow-themed game w/ igloos, pine trees, and ice blocks?

What can the game be about?

I have a few ideas:
capture the flag
survive snowstorm/gather supplies(not sure if that’s too complicated)
gather energy to buy blasters to defeat all the sentries(work together)
explore an icy dungeon to get to dragon (sentry w/props around it
or anything you want!

Okay, I’ll take these as an option. I’ll wait for more people to answer.

A game involving escape of some sort? That is- WAIT! Genius idea, what if you had to fight your way through the streets and become a high ranking mafia member!

That’s a really good idea, still I’ll wait for a couple more entries.

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Maybe… a map dedicated to blizzy? Or basiccly anyone?
What about a Pokemon map?

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i would LOVE to see a game that’s underwater-themed, which wouldn’t be too hard because of all the fishtopia props.

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The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

Make plants vs zombies using sentries and planting plots (would be REALLY cool I would play ALL the time and spread news about game)It would not be that hard actually.

I’ll consider it, I’m not good at all with blocks though.

This is a cool idea, I’m definitely considering it.

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make a solo game (meaning one person or more can play it)

for ex: cookie clicker

That sounds awesome! Question: who else could be dedicated? cough cough

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Very detailed…could you elaborate more?

many games people make on gimkit is only multiplayer, but many people don’t have people to play with (joke) soo, what about solo games that only one person can play. Kinda like a simulator